Download Jurassic Survival Mod Apk v2.6.1 (Free Craft) for Android

Jurassic Survival Mod Apk
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Mod Apk Jurassic Survival Mod Apk
Version 1.250.184
App Size 185 MB
Last Updated 06-07-2020
Android Version Requires 4.0.3 and up
Developer Mishka Production

Download Jurassic Survival Mod Apk for Android

Jurassic Survival Mod Apk is quite enjoyable to play on your Smartphone during leisure time. There are many numbers of Survival games available in the Play Store but one of the top games that everyone likes to play is the Jurassic Survival.

This game is very safe but carries logs on very easily. Many tyrannosaurs loose of letting on your enemy is exciting the high level. Of course, you just need to make and avoid eating.  There is water and a fruit item in the island has much more.

Safe place:

The huge collection of building materials and build your impenetrable fortress. This game is safe as well as very carefully with height and you can set up a fence for taming dinosaurs.

This has a great time chasing lizards with the stick. This is unique as well as creates good weapon and armor depending on the different equipment and start hunting some big animal. In general, if the role of a lone hunter and mod games build in a common village. The huge number of building collection is available in the game.

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Jurassic Survival Mod Apk
Jurassic Survival Mod Apk

Jurassic survival wiki Description:

The Jurassic survival wiki lets the players on mod games scattered around the planet as well as create the various giant and various places.

Most of the games are create a 3D effect of the dinosaurs, especially when you use your own skill operation such as special effects, hit the head, hit the leg. This 3D effort of the blood spray is also very good.

It is important to pursue the hobby of a huge collection of players. The details of the frames also very good and this is one of the best performance of firearms are different accessories as well as find the location.

Moreover, in order to find the survive shelter and materials due to finding their own refuge by the players to create the free game.

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Jurassic Survival Mod Apk
Jurassic Survival Mod Apk

The gamePlay of Jurassic craft download

The different location of the accessories will update the gun appearance due to upgrade a location. Cool look gorgeous appearance is also favorite fans.

Most importantly, the biggest characteristic of the game in terms of sound effects from time to time and ear to ear is very interesting.

The sound effect consists of different firearms including silence and other Jurassic sound effects.  In fact, the pterosaurs flying dinosaur farther, but the sound is not small.

The collection of all supplies is wood and stone. Different unlocked levels can be played with the hack in much abundance.

Play the survivor in land dinosaurs is alive and roaming around the land. As it’s, own creates the roaming facility and around or hunt is a need for food. Building and crafting are also available and this is not the main mechanics.

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Jurassic craft download
Jurassic craft download

Jurassic craft download for Android is unique with still very sophisticated, as well as create a picture of the 3D effect. There are three-dimensional effects of dinosaur will make you kind of Jurassic Park.

Most importantly, the score is very high and this game is a fragmented game as well as some dinosaurs. While shooting pleasure is also good, love shooting players do not miss together wonderful experience the “Jurassic Park” like it!

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Jurassic craft download Features:

  • Open World
  • Survival
  • Building and Crafting
  • Different species of dinosaurs
  • Inventory and items to collect
  • Weather
  • Customization
  • . Free Craft
    2. Unlimited Ammo
    3. Free Craft
    4. Split to duplicate
    5 Save Data (coming soon)

There are many Mysterious caves that can be collected the rare resources, weapons, and craft tools, with your own house in the open world. This process is fully dangerous and explores ancient caves and Free Craft resources.

New great 3D graphics:

The Survival mod game is one of the best resolution and latest 3D version. Survival feels more than forever.

Jurassic Survival Mod Apk is suddenly finding the island with giant jungle forests and ancient animals. Similarly, the new 3Dgraphics survival has unlimited coins with the best 3D graphics.

Enjoy the newest version of high-resolution graphics in 3D. Survival feels more real than ever. Just imagine suddenly finding an island with giant jungle forests and ancient animals.

New weapons and vital resources:

You can craft weapons have to survive as well as Apocalypse or Desert Island. Enjoy the survival craft with free mod games. They will help you to hunt for food and protect yourself in the fight.


The huge collection of dinosaurs and wild animals can be evolved on this island. You have your best friend – dodo. Try to tame wild Pterodactyls! Collect all the eggs and get Nasutoceratops. It will protect you from dangerous Kentrosaurus.

Different types of dinosaurs:

This game lets you discover dinos at once. Realistic wild animals are eager to kill the uninvited guest on this island. Hunt dinosaurs or try to tame them! One of the best survival games is here and you can direct download mod game!

Dying of hunger and cold, you have to hunt, crafts things, collect resources and build a shelter. Team up with other players or take everything they have and this is the most important thing to survive.

You have cast anyway on Mysterious as well as full of giant dinosaurs. You need to do your best to survive among hungry giant dinosaurs inhabiting the island.


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Jurassic Survival MOD Apk

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